How do you make a laser turn on when you stand on it for 5 seconds

I was making a capture the flag game but my friends played it and it was unfair cause they were blocking the doors.

You can add a zone! Wire to a wire repeater with a delay of 5 seconds, wire the wire repeater to the laser so that it turns it on!

Can you provide more details?

basiclly i was playing until people kept on blocking the doors so we couldnt get in

You can add a zone by the exits, when they meter the zone it triggers a trigger with a delay of 10 seconds, after the 10 seconds, it will teleport all the people to a teleporter away from the exits

can you show me a ex.?

Place down a zone! Click on it! In the bottom left corner, hit the change size button! resize it to the size of the exits! Now, place down a trigger device! Make it have a delay of 10 seconds. Now, wire the zone to the trigger
Player enters zone -------- Trigger
Now place a teleporter device! Wire the trigger to the teleporter
Triggered --------- Teleport Player here!
Thats all!

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wait but there is a issue i made the zone a size of the door but its teleporting me when im not in it

Where is the tp device?

it was used by setting a size of a zone as a door
then i put it to a trigger
then i put it into a teleporter.

The trigger has delay right?

yeah it does its just like the range thats not working.

Well, is the zone active when the game starts?

yeah it is cause of the door campers

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