How do you make a laser that goes in a circle motion

I’m trying to find out how to do this because i have a plan for it when i start my new map soon.

I do know that it requires multiple lasers to work.

If you need a circular laser you will need to align multiple lasers in a circle shape.

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i should have made it more clear but basically i want the lasers to turn on and off in that circle pattern.

You may be able to use several wire repeaters or triggers to activate and deactivate the lasers in the order you want.

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Use multiple triggers that activate on game start
and have them so they can trigger a lot of times.

i tried that a while back when i first wanted to attempt this but they never worked the way I intended.

@BubbaW I’ll try something and see if it works.

ok thank you @Mario
im also going to try to work on it

Hey @Mario i might of just figured it out

@BubbaW Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. I tried it and it didn’t work. Good luck though.

no you helped me get it to work so thank you

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