How do you make a item that when you hold it it makes you faster

how do you make a item that when you hold it it makes you faster???

You could have a checker check if you have an item and if the check passes it would increase speed

but how would you do that??? im new to this whole experience…

Item inventory manager that stores the amount of an item a player has in a property.

Checker checks if property = 0:
Sets speed to 1 if check passes
Sets speed to 2 if check fails.

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Place a Lifecycle, Relay, Checker, and a Speed Modifier.
Lifecycle settings:

Relay Settings:

Repeater Settings:

Checker Settings:

Speed Modifier Settings:

Lifecycle β†’ Relay
Event Occurs β†’ Trigger Relay
Relay β†’ Repeater
Relay Trigger β†’ Start Repeater
Repeater β†’ Checker
Repeater runs task β†’ Run check
Checker β†’ Speed Modifier
Check Passes β†’ Set player to configured speed


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