How do you make a gimkit creative map popular?

I lately have an issue with my map because i worked really hard on (about a month). When i published it, it only had 147 plays in the past 7 days and it been like that for 3 days already. :frowning:

Is it an issue with my map or that it is boring and uninteresting.
Or is it the time when I published it (somewhere during school time)
My game became oof (couldn’t use that word) within the first 20 minutes.
Does anyone have any idea on how i can make my map popular?

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Use some of the guides on here, make it emit a certain mood, and continue making it your!

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I worked on a map for 4 months when it was released it got 8 plays in a week


That makes sense but there is a tiny problem with that. First if would not get popular because… well it is probably going to get bumped down from the new section before it can even get popular. 2. What time to publish, most people are not online most of the time I publish.

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you play taming io ???

also if you want your map to be darker like scary use a barrier turn off the collision turn it black and make it soooooo big that it covers the map

I’ve noticed that the community picks have lots of parts and devices that work smoothly together, and visuals are appealing, as well as being an enjoyable game with easy instructions to follow.

(sorry if I sound like a bot, sometimes I go from slang to completely formal. it’s weird.)

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Make a good map, and share it with people. idk

You could ask other people in the community (we are human and can be talked to) to put a reference to your game in a more popular game.

I’m still working on my map right now, but when it’s done, i’ll prob. ask for a mention.

Here. This may help. There are some helpful tips & tricks:
Six (6) Tips & Tricks on making your Maps & Games More Popular. Please mark a solution.