How do you make a fishing system exactly like the one in Fishtopia

Yes, I did search before I posted… But I’m still 100% totally confused… How do I create one exactly like the one in Fishtopia? Well… Not exactly like it… Just similar to it.

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Im not sure if you understand this. And I’m new here but I’ll give this a shot, First, you need water terrain, and make sure before you place it to make the terrain a wall (If you want things exactly) then get a vending machine and place it in the middle of the lake/pond and make it not visible in-game in the settings of the vending machine which you then set it to this:

Visible In-Game:

Item required:

Action when item bought:
Transmit buy fish or something like that.

That’s what I remember the random fish-giving thing I have no idea so hope this part was helpful


Yes it was helpful thank you.

Good luck making the Fishtopia game! :slight_smile:

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