How do you make a check or an X on a notification?

I really need help on this for my capture the flag game. I need to make a check for when the flag is scored, and an X for when the flag is picked up.

Is it for everyone or just the person with the flag?

Everyone. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is the X and :white_check_mark:

For the X:
Waypoint> Waypoint Target> Flag (Type in X)
Connect the flag to the waypoint (Flag captured> Activate waypoint)
Then connect the flag capture zone to the waypoint so it turns it off when the flag is captured
For the :heavy_check_mark::
You could connect a notification device to the flag capture zone (Idk how you would do a checkmark since from what I remember you can’t use emojis in creative.)
Do this for all flags and capture zones.

In the options of the notification, you can choose what type of notification it is:
Info - Blue i
Success - Green Check
Warning - Yellow !
Error - Red X