How do you hide an overlay button?

Um, don’t think they will answer. This is from June 3rd, before I was even on the forums.

I remember this as the first post I tried to help with. Basically, they want to hide a game overlay button when their shield is full, which is not currently possible, as you cannot track a player’s health. There.

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oh, i didn’t see that, ooooooooooooooooooops

oh, i didn’t know that thats what they were trying to do :no_mouth:

It says @ItsBattlesTwo was seen 2 days ago

No way

he read recently (4mins ago)

Why would you want to hide an overlay button in that situation? You could just have a error notification that says something like “cooldown” or something.

No that’s unrelated. Not sure what it means, but it’s different from the seen thing.

It means how much time he read topics and posts.

Platypus pfp? Not too shabby.


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It’s an axolotl-Iberian ribbed newt hybrid

Nice! Isn’t that one of your old pfps?

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