How do you get rid of the 20 character thing

Screenshot 2023-09-21 7.36.12 PM

that thing right there

You can’t exactly get rid of it, but you can put letters in <> to make them invisible while still counting for the limit. Make sure your post that uses it is 100 percent necessary to post or you’re just one or two character(s) short.

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tried that couldn’t do it


make sure it’s all letters


You can’t put special characters or spaces(in some scenarios)

You can’t have anything besides a letter in the gibberish. Additionally, there cannot be a space like this: < a>.


mark @NavyCatZ post as the solution so off-topic chat doesn’t start.

yes i use it on almost every post, real handy.

Let us worry not about such trivial ideologies and focus on the greater good of enlightening users by further developing the wiki posts by regulars.

can you check the wixsite wolf?

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not you!

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