How Do You Do This? ( PLEASE READ )

I have been needing how to get a certain amount of an certain item to use a weapon.
For example, for a snowball launcher, you would need snowballs.
Like that, how do I use Something to use a certain weapons because when I start the game after creating a game, it just shows Infinite Ammo. How Do I Fix This!?!?!?

Ummm go to map options, and turn of infinite refill.

or add shards that you can get from answering questions that goes to that weapon

That was easier than I thought.
I thought you had to use a more complex device like a property.
Anyway, thanks!

Np happy to help

i saw you marked mine and thehacker you can only mark one but it goes to thehacker they were first

When I go to Map options, I clicked Items.
What do I do after that?

Yeah I just marked THEHACkerS

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@THEHACKER120 they still need help

Oh ok

heres there question

Uhhhh I think its in the inventory section? I think? Wait lemme try to get some screen shots. Gimkit is blocked for me after 9:30 p.m so I might not be able to.

Oh It’s ok cuz I already figured it out

Oh ok

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