How do you do a tds?

I do have some kind of idea
I am thinking of like a tower defence game but I am strugling
so you know how the enamie move around the trail how do i do this

can you elaborate on that?

let me send a picture of the tds zone one
so basicly i need the enemies to move around the paths

moving sentries automatically is kinda hard, but you can use zones if you want, if you want your sentry to move, if you move, use zones, and copy several sentrie, (depending on where you want your sentry to move) or, maybe just make it by real players like, the other players attack, and the other players defend, hope this helps!

i mean i also mean that, do you want your sentry to move, if you move?

yes please that would be great


It would be like this:


and if you want your sentry to move like this, but your only moving back and fourth, you’ll have to code that, if you step into one of the zones, it’ll activate the next zone, and deactivate the other zone you just stepped in, repeat ( depending on how much or how long you want your sentry to move)

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