How do you designate VIPs

I am making a game where there are 2 teams (echo and vortex) and vortex has a couple of Echo agents prisoner. the goal of echo is to bust into the vortex complex, and rescue the VIPs, where the VIPs will have to escape back to an echo helicopter. The goal of vortex is to knockout of of team echo (not to knockout any VIPs). If the VIPs are knocked out, the game ends in a tie, if an echo player is knocked out they will switch teams to team echo. The VIPs and echo are on the same team. There are 3 VIPs. If any of the VIPs escape to the helicopter and press a button to escape, the game ends in an echo victory. How would I code this?

What is one specific part you need, like a mechanic, because I think this needs a lot of code. (I think)
You need to break it down a bit.

You can use a counter with a target of 3, Sentry knocked out --------> incremate counter. If the target is reached, tie.

How do I make it so that 3 vips are chosen and teleported to the vortex complex, and that the escape button can only be chosen by a VIP?

How do I make a barrier only active for one team? Set this to a button.

Use three random relays.

what if it goes to the same person? (I’m busy, I can’t help, but just sayin.)

Someone made a guide on relays only in a zone. Teleport them out of the zone.

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Use a relay to get a player from echo, set them to a team (not vortex or echo) and repeat 3 times. Then give everyone an item marking them as VIP’s then make them swap teams.

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