How do you create a win/loss end game widget with images?

send the use on the commet (thank you)

Hey @Pro! Could you please clarify your question?

I think they mean that how do we put a picture on the end game, like one way out when you lose or win.

In, that case, you should put down two End Game Widgets. Make both of them show game time. One of them should be on by default. The one on by default has your lose message. The other has a win message. Next, find whatever system you want so the player can win. Make it so when that happens, the lose message disables and the win message enables.

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I don’t think you can get the picture though…

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The only currently available way to add ‘custom’ images is by using the files located on Gimkit’s documentation page (, so I don’t think it’s possible to add images quite like the ones from One Way Out.


@Pro This should be posted on the help section not the community guides.

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hi and do you imput the questioner

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What do you mean?

in devices there is in add if you add it says to put id and you can put any from kits by your ownn kit or anyones kit

Yep. So do you need help with that? What’s the issue you are running into?

nothing i just asked someone for help

Help on what? is the issue resolved?

oh then never mind… alot

what? why would you just leave the conversation like that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This post was two months ago…

I know, I’m new to the forums.

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oh… ok. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on that. (btw I mean the categories)

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