How do you change what it says when the game is over?

I wanna figure it out so I can make a cool map.

Go to devices → End Screen Widget (or what it is called).
Hope this helps!

but I mean like how do I change the part that says “END GAME”

Do you want to do like a different endings type thing?

you know when you end the game it says “END GAME”? I want it to say something other than end game.

Or a leaderboard at the end?

not the leaderboard.

Does it involve a certain player’s name?

Do you mean this?
Oop, sorry, but for right now, you can’t change this, but you can change what’s on the leaderboard!
To answer your question, no, you can’t change it


I don’t think it’s possible for it to say anything besides GAME OVER before the end game widget.

thank you guys for helping! it means a lot.

You can’t, sorry.
Hope this helps!

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