How do you automatically grant energy to a player when they respawn after being knocked out?

I apologize if this question has been answered but I wasn’t able to find a post about this. I have a map with a pvp zone in which players, upon entering, receive a snowball launcher and go at it. I have an energy system set up so moving requires energy and they answer questions to receive energy. However, when players get knocked out, they respawn with zero energy. I want them to respawn with 1000 energy. Is there a way to make this possible? Thank you.

use a knockout manager set to player knocked out
connect this to an item granter set to 1000 energy

Use a knockout manager and an item granter.
When player knocked out, grant 1000 energy.
Or when player respawns, grant item.

welcome to the form @jdeblank! do you have a setting in your map that gets rid of the things they have? if off then do knockout and make it when (player knocked out ) -wire–> item giver ( energy 1000). sorry if I made it sound complicated.

Thank you for your quick responses everyone! It worked for the most part. When players knocked each other out, they respawned with energy. However, when sentries knocked the players out, they respawned with zero energy still. Is there a fix for that?

replace the knockout manager with a lifecycle then

I was hoping for players to respawn with 1000 energy regardless of how they get knocked out.

You can use a lifecycle(player knocked out) to an item granted to grant the energy.

i put a zone connected to a item granter on my spawn pad
for my problem with this

Hmmm, I hooked up a lifecycle with “Player Knocked Out” selected with an item granter providing 1000 energy and wired them together so the wire said “Event Occurs → Grant Item” but when a player died to a sentry, they still respawned with zero energy.

This seems like it would work, but couldn’t players just leave and re-enter the zone to receive energy in rapid succession?

Ok so I put a zone underneath the respawn point and connected it to an item granter that grants 1000 energy. When a player was knocked out and respawned, they still had zero energy. Hmm…

I’ve looked through all the options that’s going to be the best option. I can’t find anything else that will work.

Alright I’ll keep troubleshooting it and see why it’s not granting energy. Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

I would recommend having the zone activate a teleporter to teleport the players away from the zone and enclose the zone in walls or barriers.

I’ll try that thank you :slight_smile:

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have you tried putting the zone on a higher layer?