How do you add a custom npc?

I was wondering how you customize your own NPC, can someone answer my question? please.

can not do impossible but you can change the apperance of a sentry

oh I thought you could customize it, but thanks.

closest thing you’ll get is using the plant skins or the regular robot looking one

There is no support for NPCs as of right now. A way you could make an NPC is by placing a sentry within walls (so it can’t fire) and adding an “interact” button.

Can’t you just not give it a weapon? I don’t know- I haven’t fiddled around with the editor in a bit.

I think that you have to give it a weapon.

You have to because the default is a common zapper


Wait how is that sentry a thousand memory? All of mine are 500.

And I’m sorry for the ultra late reply…

The first sentry is 1000, eery one after that is 500.


yesssss again me first!!!
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i second that (btw @anon73616841 i beat you on some)

Make a button, then a popup, connect the button to the popup and make it button pressed < open popup
Make it like: Hi! I’m Andrew. Could you find ___ and give it to me? And then place an inventory item manager, make it cash or what you need to find and when you get that item, you get a reward. Make the sentry your team or make a zone where you cannot shoot.

I remember seeing a glitch in an escapre room where the sentry looked like a normal basic gim…

Yeah I also remember that bug it was kinda funny tbh



Sentries need a “basic gim” skin