How do u make a teleporter disabled in the start of the game but after 1min it will enable

it says this is because i need 20 charecters

You can’t really disable and enable teleporters, but what you can do is place down a barrier and a trigger. Make it so that the trigger triggers on game start but has a 60 second delay, and then wire it to the barrier so that when the trigger triggers, it deactivates the barrier.

ok thx jfejvrwidijde

The solution mouse would like to know your location

also how do u share maps

Publish links, but you cant share them here. You can share them in the discord or the wixsite though.

wheres the wixsite? nnfjrnfj

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You can also use a wire repeater, they will do the same function and consume less memory.

Make a hidden counter that starts at 0 and the target is 60, then add a repeater that has 1.0 second tick, wire them so the counter moves up 1 every second, wire the counter and the teleporter.

You can just use a wire repeater with a delay of 60 seconds.

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