How do u make a machine that can change the players hp and shield by pressing a button?

i wanna know how to change hp and shield with a button

You can add/subtract health by using a health granter

You can’t subtract health with a health granter
Only lasers, sentries, and other players

Huh I thought you could. Well then just activate then deactivate a laser to take the health away.

i tried that it only heals it doesn’t increase the max hp or shield

Then just use a laser.
To decrease health:
Items you will need:
1 button
1 or more lasers
1 wire repeater

Button pressed → activate laser
Button pressed → wire repeater (delay of 1) → deactivate laser.
Have the laser’s damage as much damage you would like to take away.

Turn off the laser’s start point and end point in the main settings.

To increase health or shield:
Items you will need:
Health Granter

Button pressed → Grant health

Put as much health/shield as you want to grant in the health granter.

im wonder how to increase the max hp or shield

ok lets say that your max hp is 100
then u press a button…
it increases the max hp to 200
thats what i want

You can’t. But you can make the players start with not the max.

aw now that is sad i wish it would be possible

Did you see my post?

that doesn’t make sense to me

The items you need is the devices you need.
The " → " are the wires going from one device to another.

i meant like how is that supposed to increase the hp from max hp 100 to 200

Wait do you mean the max health you can obtain? Or that you want to add more health to the player.

more hp to the player by pressing a button

or shield to the player

Yes by doing the post above. A health granter is a device that can grant either health or shield.

well i cant understand it tho

i think i might need a demonstration