How do I use this forum?

I don’t really understand this forum.
I figured out how to create a new topic, but I can’t figure out how to make replies or do really anything else.

Can anyone help me?
What platform is this forum built on?
Is there any place I can go to learn more about it?
Is there anyone here who knows a lot about it?


Discourse. Search it up.

Gimkit (the website), the Gimkit wiki, and the Gimkit discord.

yes. quite a few, in fact.

You can reply with the:

Welcome to the forums, @CupcakeZ!
Here is a basic guide for the forums, and if you need to know more about Discourse (the platform that this forum uses) I would suggest talking to @twofoursixeight, who knows a lot about it.

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To reply, press the [Reply] button.

Forum support:

Me as an example, but a couple others know the forum as well by heart,

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Thank you very much CringeKarlScott!
@THEHACKER120 thank you for that information! @wingwave as well!
I am on a phone, and so I did not see the reply button at first as the entire page cannot fit on one screen.

twofoursixeight, would you be able to help me? There’s still much that I don’t understand.


Np happy to help

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Ah, I see your new replies now @twofoursixeight. Thank you for those links, I’ll check them out.

Anything else important I should know?

Try to rotate to the sideways screen or reduce the phone browser size.
Otherwise, report forum bugs at

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Is there a rules page for this forum?

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Actually, here ya go
this is a discourse version i think

Thank you very much!


@CupcakeZ, if your question has been answered, be sure to mark a solution!

Thank you dang that two four six eight very guy is such a much bot, I will do that right now!

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If I were you, I would check my notifications and do the @discobot tutorials which teach you how to do those things.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Whoops, sorry about that. I was using voice recognition to write, and my older brother started talking. :sweat_smile: