How do I unlock certain areas in my Gimkit creative world depending on how many players are in the game

I also have no idea how to use blocks. :frowning:


Now I kinda know, but I still don’t know how to fix my problem.

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my brother is inactive so i will cover this.


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I kinda fixed the problem, but now whenever a player leaves some areas are still unlocked.
For example: 2 players play - 2 player area is opened and all other areas are closed - 1 player leaves - 2 player area doesn’t close and 1 player area doesn’t open.

what? who is your brother? (Use forum user name please)

@Caternaught is


Makes a lot of sense, i should have known.

sorry, my brother is @Caternaught or the best welcomer (in my opinion) on the forums!


whats that supposed to mean?

you beleive this?

the galaxy cat pfp, and the use of wording is very similar.

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well he writes each new user a completely unique welcome post, so sort of. Plus I’ve been around for a long time and no one else does that.

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thank you! I like how he made it himself (lets get on topic now)

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Just a random question, how do you save memory as I am currently at 94%

Tr these guides.

I just gave up on the idea entirely so its fine

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