How do I track player health?

How do I track player health?

That might be impossible, why do you need to track player health? there might be alternatives

Like when a player reaches a certain health point, they get more buffs.

Oof, I think that might be either really hard or impossible, sorry

Yeah, that isn’t really possible as of now. As a work around, you can make a system where every time a player gets knocked out they gain buffs.

You could have things do 0 damage then have it update a property that starts at 100 then wire the thing that does damage to a trigger that subtracts some from that and then have it so when it reaches some value you can send a channel. Also have a popup that tracks that property. I might be able to make a guide on it later.

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@potato1 You could have a property as the health, but I don’t know how that would work.

Well… Tracking a player’s health in a certain zone is possible. Just make the zone like a 4x4 or 8x8 and use lasers in that zone. This would be easier than in the entire map.

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How would you get health stats when you enter a zone?

Add like 100000 health and shield and subtract from there.

Well, right now we need attack managers and negative health granters before crafting/farming. (They can be replicated with popups, timers, etc. very exhaustive, though)

Pseudo health is kinda hard, since we don’t have anything to detect when a player gets shot by a sentry/someone.