How do I set up a cloning sentry

I tried but couldn’t figure it out

Are you trying to make something for a game mechanic or are you trying to have a moving sentry?

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Now I’m trying to make it to where whenever the player dies a new sentry spawns

Knockout manager-detect when player dies

Transmit on channel-“player died”

Sentry- avaible when the game starts? “No”

sentry- make available when receiving on “player died” channel

Could you please help me?

I’m sorry but sharing game codes is not alllowed.

Oh I didn’t know I need help with the creation of it

How do I get help making it?

The wixsite

I requested to enter the code sharing group

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If you need some extra help email me at: . If not please go to the

Sorry about that I don’t know the rules here

That’s okay, welcome to to the forum!

Please dont post off topic!

I can’t email you it because my email isn’t cloud

Hey, see if you can take this to the wixsite because its off topic and will get you flags!

I didn’t know that sorry

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Also what is your name on

I don’t use it that much.