How do I send a notification at a specific time

I’m trying to make a prison escape and I’m trying to add curfew (for those who don’t know curfew uh… go look it up).

How do you want the curfew to be triggered? Connect whatever triggers it to a notification device.

If you want to add in a delay between the action occurring and the action happening, there is a delay option in triggers and wire repeaters.

Triggers with delay, activate after tutorial, and set it to like 3 min delay. Once the night is over, make 2 triggers, one for night, witch lasts like 4 min, and one for day that lasts 6 min. Make it so that 4 min sends out day when activated and 6 min sends out night when activated. When either is over, start the other. After tutorial, start the night one. Make specific stuff open when reviving night and close when receiving day, for nigh stuff, and vice versa for day stuff. (You could decrease night to less time, or add a bed that deactivates the trigger, sends out day, ten connects to a 0.5 second delay wire delay that turns on the trigger but doesn’t activate it)

For curfew, I guess you could add in a respawn zone in all the areas that prisoners are not supposed to be in?

You could also use zones that activate at night that surround your cell and make it so that when you enter them it has a message saying you were caught by the cops and then you get teleported to the middle of your jail cell

I think I found it out, once you spawn you’ll be in a zone that zone has a # of seconds delayed then once the time has run out it sends a notification. saying go to your cells if they don’t in time the other team will kill them sending them to spectators.

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