How do I send a message on a channel constantly?

So I need to send a channel in my game every single milla second basically, but I don’t know how. Is it possible? If so can you tell me how?

The fastest you can go is every half second with a repeater.

I know, but is there another way?

None that I know of.

I found a way. The way is basically just make a lifecycle wire it to a relay device(Relay Audience, All players) then wire it to a trigger that is wired to another trigger and let them trigger each other and set the wait time to .1 seconds.

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yes actually there is setdown a life cycle make it listen for start game make a channel 4 it on start game then hook up the repeater to the channel start game and set it to 0.5 sec and start after recieving on start game channel

oh never mind im answering a different question :man_facepalming:

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