How do I respawn a sentry after it is knocked out?

I’ve made some challenge to get a gadget in my capture the flag game. It works for one player, but I’m concerned about multiple players trying to attempt it so I tried to add a reset button which, ideally, would respawn the sentries that you need to knockout for the quest. I put it on activate sentry, but that does not revive them. What can I do? [May be slow to respond currently]

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You can make the respawn time really quick and then deactivate it.

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Maybe, but that’s not an ideal solution for me. A last resort maybe.

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It doesn’t work, because the sentry is deactivated, it’s dead.

Yes, I don’t want them to respawn while the player is completing the quest though.

Go to settings and go here.

It shouldn’t respond when it goes to this.

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What do you mean by that?

Go to your sentry’s settings. Scroll down to where it says, Respawn Enabled. Select no. This means when a player knocks out the sentry, it doesn’t respawn. It won’t come back.

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Yes, that’s what I have, I’m not sure where the miscommunication was because I’m wanting to respawn previously knocked out sentries.

You want them to be come back?

I’m not an expert on sentries, but I’m pretty sure you can activate them later.

Yes, I tried that but they won’t respawn. I have the button to activate them but nothing happens.

To do that, just press yes. Here’s what it should look like. You can change the amount of time before they respawn.
Screenshot 2023-11-17 1.54.35 PM

I want them to respawn whenever the player presses the button, not when it reaches a certain time.

@cyno, Here’s how to do that. First, add a button.

Then, add a wire that connects that button to the sentry. Here’s what it should look like:

I’ll try it, but I think I have the same-ish connection but with channels.

Channels are confusing for me, so I use wires. If channels are easier, and if this doesn’t work, you can use channels.