How do i puts my plays into a counter?

Hello, i just want to say that i cannot figure this out and reaaaaaaaaaly need help ‘v’

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Sorry, you can’t do that.
You’ll have to add a text device and update it yourself.


@my_cat_athena welcome to the forums make sure you read the forums to see if someone already posted this kind of question

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This is impossible.

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This is kind of impossible, but you could keep track of your plays every day(it gets annoying trust me) and update the counter by checking your plays in the publish section.

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you will have to look at how much play you have to write in a text (if you want it to look like it counts it in a counter you can make the starting value that) :confused:

As @IDK and @BreathTaking are saying, you will have to manually input the plays into a counter.

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