How do I put someone on spectator mode when on another team? [Resolved]

Is there a way I can put someone that is on team 3 on spectator mode when they die and not affect the other teams?

a relay. make it for team 3

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What if someone dies and that person on that team just gets switched to spectators?

then I guess you did something wrong?
it should be knockout to relay to team switcher I think

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If you are in spectator you can not be killed.

you could also use a wire repeater. so lifecycle then wire repeater set to team three then switcher

if a player is in spectator they cant be switched to a non spectator team, you can make it so if player killed they switch to spectator but not backwards.

Bro. The person wants to make the player be a spectator.

yeah, but read this,

And this

the point is making sure only players on team three get changed when they die

so the wire repeater is a filter, while the relay is a redirect

Which both support what I’m saying.

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Oh, my bad.

Man I am slacking on the forum rn.

Basically, you make a lifecycle listening for player knockout wired to a wire repeater only letting team 3 through, and wire that to a team switcher to spectator. And @WolfTechnology, putting things in hide details doesn’t reduce clutter. It just makes people just want to look at it more.

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I know, no need to tell me.

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