How do i post my published game link for my game? (On forums or something)

Because @Legobuilder (The one designing a thumbnail for my game) might not be able to find it in GKC Discovery

You can’t put your publish link in a topic… but you should do it in your bio…

i can’t do that either

click on websites

You go to your creative map, and copy the discovery link. It should start with Gimkit - live learning game show(map id)

Oh, that’s what you meant i thought inside of the Bio itself
Result of my Stupidity:

Go to the title of your map, in the google search thing, Ctrl c the entire thing then Ctrl V it in your websites things in your bio
@FAST_Developer oh… I guess you can’t…

It does not allow www gimkit com what so ever @EggNoodle

How about you just tell @Legobuilder that you published the map right away after you publish it and he goes to the recent and checks it out?

It’s no longer in recent :-1:

Then tell @Legobuilder what to search up to get the map in your bio…
note: you can get your map by stuff in the description

I told @Legobuilder but no reply (yet)

what do i need to search up? sorry collabing with li1_reaper

I didn’t know this. Maybe they made it like that to prevent people from posting showcase links and join codes.

Search: One way out 3: The Last stand or:
Will you reach the end? or will you meet a terrible fate? Play the game to find out. This is a Reupload of One Way out 3, this took a really long time to do and i hope you guys enjoy it! Pls note that there are some bugs in the game as it is a very big map.
Note: Just pieces of it will do just fine(Maybe)

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well i’m off for the night though see yal tommarow!

See you tomorrow @Legobuilder !

@FAST_Developer remember to mark a solution

You could post it in the Wix, right?

What Wix? (I actually don’t know i just joined the forums this year)