How do i make upgrades only for my sentries?

I want to make upgrades for my sentry, like another weapon they’ll use if you buy something for them. But how?

Ex: I purchase a weapon from a vending machine, and the weapon goes to the sentry.

you could have more that one sentry there, and if you buy the upgrade, one already upgraded sentry could activate, and the other one deactivate, but otherwise, i dont think so



This is what you can do:

When you buy the upgrade, it deactivates the first bot and activates the second bot at the same time.

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Yo, code’s showing! Delete the screenshot before someone joins in!

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Thx! It also helped wingwave’s screenshots.

you noticed the code really fast, great job!

Thank you so much for telling me to delete the screenshot!

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good job on noticing that

sorry, i forgot about it

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