How do i make things invisible

need help NavycCatz was last helping me in need of fast help

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What are you talking about? Players, devices, or props? In what circumstance do you want them to become invisible?

You can hide item spawners under a prop

well i have a vault that i want to put something into but i dont know how

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What do you want to put into that vault? Be very specific please.

A gimberry for my crop unit

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You can put your item spawner with a gimberry behind the vault like my previous post and buttons to open and close the vault

opening: (wires)

button pressed > hide prop


button pressed > show prop

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Do you want people to be able to take the gimberries they put in out? If so…

Once you’re satisfied with the answers mark the best one/the one you are going to use as a solution.

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Or just do a button and item granter…


If you need help again, can you put the question in the body of the post instead of in the title?

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okay thanks for letting me know