How do i make the leaderboard track player's wins?

For my leaderboard in game, i want them to track wins from players. I know it needs a property but i don’t know how to do it. Please help.

When they win from a place (for knocking out everyone), they earn a win (the game won’t end until someone gets 5 wins)

so if youre he last one standing you get a win? you might be able to set scoring tracking a specifc item, and every knockout a player gets they get one item taken away. think of the items as lives. then make it sort by most items in scoring, so the person who died the least times. you could make a team switcher that made it so if you get 0 items left you are spectator. idk if this is what you want or not

you could also make it so it updates a player-scoped property on knockout, and the player with the least knockouts wins that way.


@LxmasHaxTakis Mark a solution, please!

get solutioned

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(i still didn’t have one yet)

Why don’t you just make “wins” a property and have the leaderboards track that. When the player wins, change the property by 1. You can change it by tying it to a counter.

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