How do I make the camera view remain in a zone like farm chain research lab

Please help me I’m making a lobby so players can’t see out of it

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Use a camera view device and resize it using the “Change Size” button on the bottom-right of the Camera View device. The thing is this only applies in-game, not the pre-game.


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Camera zones are always active though…

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I mean the limited view only applies in-game

You mean, as in it doesn’t apply in the editor?

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Alright, that’s fair. Just don’t use the term pre-game to describe editor mode.

No it works in my game.

Describe “it.” There are a lot of “its” that you could be talking about.

The camera view.

Just build a wall that covers up everything else other than the lobby. You could also move their pre-game spawn pad into a wall and keep them there until game start.

The camera view works in my game though. It would save a whole bunch of memory.

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