How do i make the buttons deactivated in the beginning of the game? [RESOLVED]

i need to pls because ive been trying to find out and cant find my answer

Do you mean the game overlay or the green button.

the green button and yea

When you say deactivate do you mean not show because the button is automatically deactivated.

no like make it orange in the beginning of the game

You could use a trigger. However, you would need a system to start the trigger like you could use a zone like this
and have the zone send message to the trigger like this

oh thanks this helps alot

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You’re welcome!! Tou could also make the zone bigger for it to work mor efficiently.

ok got thanks agian :grin:

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You can just set active on game start to no.

i didnt see that for the button?

but i got and thanks anyway :sweat_smile: