How do i make terrain overlay ontop of players?

so, you know towers, right? Im trying to make one at the moment, but everything will be screwed since the player will just be on top of it all the time. and no Im not talking about props, TERAIN.

i dont thing it’s possible to put terrain over a player, you can only do that with props and maybe some devices, like a barrier

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Wait, is it a Platformer map?


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You’d have to use barriers, or make separate rooms that are connected by portals


terrain cannot go over the player, only props and barriers in above layer.

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It is not possible to set terrian in front of a player, so just use barriers and props to do that instead.
For barriers, make its layer in front of player, remember to turn the collision off if you want the player to go through.
Barriers are extremely useful on platformer maps for decoration
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Ahem, in conclusion you can put terrain over a player in platformer, however the player would have to spawn in the terrain, and currently you can only have walls in platformer. So, this is kinda useless. But in answer to your question

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wait how did you do that?!

Place down terrain on a player
that will make you stuck in an actual game unless the terrain you placed down were minerals and you got a pickaxe on you

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its not a platformer btw

Oh ok
Still, you cannot place terrain above the player
use props and barriers instead