How do I make tag features in every man for himself?

I want to make a feature that, after a certain point, everyone will be able to tag each other. How do I do this without teams and so that everyone is always active?

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It wouldn’t make sense, if a player tried to tag another player, they would also be tagging themself

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I was thinking you both lose a certain item, like a flag, when you tag or get tagged.

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I think you could make it so that certain players can only tag in certain areas.

ya that would happen but what if we made it zones? here let me explain your going have to make a map for a certian limit of player, after that make goals that will force them into enemy territory but they will have to make the discion the fight or do the objectve

  1. to warn someone make an popup apper to let you know someone invaded and if they complete there objective in your territory you lose a life, if everyone finishes there objective in your territory then the next time your tagged your dead and you get to spectate.

  2. its capture the zone if you capture someone territory anyone on it can now be tagged by you who captured it, and the timer will tick down normal speed when your not there but when your there it goes half speed but it still can be captured, now if you lose your zone it means you have to get someone eles quickly or your dead and spectate.

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New way to think about it. Someone grabs the flag and can now tag people.

ya thats also a way but you can drop your flag

For this, I suppose you could have all the tag zones for each team deactivated in the beginning. When the player picks up the flag, transmit on a channel under the option “when flag picked up”, and have said channel activate a tag zone for that player. When the flag is dropped, have the flag device transmit on a channel to deactivate the tag zone again.

Not if you can’t.
Or if you have to.