How do i make somone fast when one person enter a specific area but when someone else goes through it they slow down? (Teams)

change the relay to “One Player on Specific Team” or something like that

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no, they want it to be for an entire team.

they could just be asking hypothetically

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They’re offline!!!

Stop bugging someone just check!!

How can you tell if someone is offline?

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It shows when they were last seen, if you click on my or your profile it will say last seen just now

Oh, thanks. Learn something new every day I guess

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Just happy to help :smiley:

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You can make two zones, deactivate on start, than put down 2 relays, one team on one team two, connect the first relay to the first zone and connect the second relay to the second zone(make them activate). Then for one of the zones, add a speed modifier which is at___(whatever speed you want it to be) and connect the other zone to a speed modifier which is at___(whatever speed you want it to be.)
edit-Also you have to make the zone’s scope teams.


just make items not droppable

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is that possible

Got it

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I think it’s in the settings

Hey, at least I was right about the relay part!

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