How do I make so when the host spawn, the popup will popup?

I am trying to make so if the host spawns or something, a popup will show

Who will it show to? Also, does the pop-up still count if the host respawns? If not, just use a lifecycle.


It is show to the host, and if the host respawn, it does not show it again

Just connect a lifecycle set to game start to a pop-up. Lifecycles, when left alone, will only trigger for the host. It doesn’t exactly trigger when the host spawns but when the game starts, which doesn’t matter since they occur at the same time.

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huh, I still kinda confuse

A lifecycle is a device that will be triggered automatically at the start of the game. If you just connect it to a pop-up, it will only show up for the host. The host being spawned happens when the game starts, so it is basically the same thing.

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oh ok! Thank you very much!

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Alright thank you!!!

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