How do I make slap battles in Gimkit


There’s a whole guide. Search before you post.


You got confused with the kill streaks one.

You could make it so different gloves do different amounts of damage to a player.

How do I search? Idk how to

This is the only guide I could find

Basically the same idea as tag, so: look up some tag guides.

@TheOVERGOD this is the search bar:

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Have you tried the SEARCH BUTTON.

Knockback isn’t a mechanic in Gimkit so there is no good way to remake the game.

I kinda made the only guide related to Slap Battles (:eyes: i know, kinda just linking myself), but you coulld definitely find a way. The only problem right now is that there aren’t really any short-ranged weapons like swords or, well, gloves.

I read yours already and I made the kill streak system

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maybe teleporters to mimic the knockback system?

You would need a cord (X and Y) system and differnet gloves have different knockback. So, @theOVERGOD, it’s almost impossible because of memory. You could remove knockback, but then you would need health to go away if you can’t do knockback, and we don’t have negitive health granters. So, in summary, it’s impossible. (Don’t show the “It’s not impossible” guide, this is impossible.)