How do I make sentries with different properties?

I’m currently making a Roguelite, and I’m wondering how I make a sentry be able to do more than just attacking in the traditional manner.

  • A sentry that heals other sentries.
  • A sentry that can expel a stream of projectiles before stopping.
  • A sentry that summons lasers.
    And maybe some others as well, but I want to know how these could be possible.

idea 1 & 2 is not possible due to sentry interactions
just add lasers


You can change the weapon, but that is just about it. There are no melee weapons or animations. Hope this helps! Also, welcome to the community!

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For the second one I think increasing the attack speed in the settings would be the best way to expel a stream.

Also welcome to the forums!


three is definitely possible. I’ve done it before, but I don’t have the exact steps down. You do need 2 triggers and your lasers.


Alright then, thanks everyone for the contributions! I do dislike the limitations of sentries, but I understand it. I’ll mark this reply as the solution.


Glad you’re issue got solved.

I know I said the other reply would be my last but I guess it couldn’t hurt…

You should mark the reply that helped you most as a solution

I would but everyone helped, just in a different regard each time, so I couldn’t just pick one as the solution.

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Solutions are solutions. They don’t have to do it specifically or targeted.
That just makes it look like they’re grinding solutions or something, when you put it that way.
The only thing that matters is they received help.


Oh, Ok. Noted.

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