How do I make sentries take time to reload but still have no reload on for players?

When I make it so that there is no reload time for gadgets, It also affects that for sentries, so I have a Rapid Firing Sentry with a quantum portal that devastates everything. Is there a way to make it so sentries need time to reload but players don’t?


I do not believe there is, but you could make the firing of the sentry slower to reduce this effect.

I don’t think it is possible, but you can activate and deactivate it every few seconds…

Even when I have the firing rate at the Slowest rate, It still fires way too fast. Like A shot every 3/4 of a second.

well which weapon would it be using? quantum portal?

so I just tried this in creative and it’s actually really fun to fight XD
a quantum portal spamming bot

anyways i dont think theres a way to fix it.
The issue is only because of instant reload, and a quantum portal has a mag of 1.
therefore, If you give it a weapon like a slingshot and have it fire slowly, it will be slow. Still instant reload though.