How do I make players go in a certain room after getting KOd?

My players respawn at the spawn point but i want them to tp in a dungeon kinda thing after getting koD

edit: i can make it where ppl spawn there but its just the person that knocks out not KNOCKED out
also ty for suggestions ill try them

Good question. I don’t know if there’s a very good guide on this yet.

Here is a guide that could possibly answer your question:

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So, when a player is knocked out, make it send a channel to a trigger with a delay of 2 seconds to make sure AUO doesn’t affect it, then teleport them via channels.

Try that, maybe it would work.

do you mean the player has multiple lives? make a teleporter and then wire it to a checker [check passed-teleport player here]checking the player’s number of lives=0 and then wire the checker to a lifecycle “player knocked out”

lifecycle->telleporter (set the event to player knocked out)
and then yea…

there no need for blocks, and it is pretty simple.

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you have two options:

Option 1

You can at the game start make you teleport to a room and then hit a checkpoint and go back to start.

Option 2

Or ko counter, when player kille.d trigger 3 seconds teleport to the room

Afterwords when teleported in to the room hoo.k teleporter to a trigger and when the amount of time is done, teleport back to a location.

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you can put a spawn point in a room special to a certain team, then when a player knocks out, have them be switched to another team.