How do i make people spawn a certain place during the game at the beginning, then later when they die make them spawn at a different place

so, if you’ve helped me before, you’ve probably seen me say that im making a racing game, then a capture the flag game. at the beginning, they are racing with snowball launchers, everyone for themselves, and when they die i want them to spawn back at the beginning of the race. but once they finish the race, they are teleported to a capture the flag map, and when they get teleported there, they are put into teams. but when they get tagged, they get put back into the racing game. is there a way to change this?

What would you want it to do instead?

i want it to when you are racing and die, respawn to the start of the race, but when you are done with the race and teleport to the capture the flag, when you die respawn to your side of the capture the flag map

At the beginning of the race, you can have a spawn pad. At the end of the race, put a zone wired to a teleporter. When someone enters the zone, they get teleported to the capture the flag area. There, set up a tag zone and make it so that when someone is tagged they are respawned with the respawn device.

For the team sorter, place 2 triggers on top of each other. They must be underneath the teleporter from the racing game. One of them must be inactive on game start. Wire the triggers to each other so that when you step on one trigger, it activates the other. Also, connect the triggers to wire repeters so that when you step on trigger number 1 it activates trigger number 2 but also deactivates trigger number 1. Do this to both of them. Finally, connect the triggers to teleporters that teleport people to either side of the capture the flag map. finally, on the teleportes on the side, add a wire to a team switcher so that when you get teleported to team 1 side, you get switched to team 3. Also, when you get teleported to team 2 side, you get switched to team 4. It must be those teams. this will only work if your team mode is set to free for all.
Sorry, this is so long.
If you don’t understand anything, or I messed something up, just message me again.

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You can use a lifecycle set to when player knocked out and a teleporter.