How do i make one team be able to respawn while the other not be able to respawn

I’m making a game with two roles, and i want to make it so that one role can respawn when they are killed, but when the other role dies, I want the person who died to enter spectator mode


You could use a knockout device to the team switcher. On the team switcher, make the team “Specific team” and Wire the knockout device to the team switcher.


That will switch the person that knocked out the person to switch to spectator. I’m pretty sure you use lifecycles instead of knockout devices for this. You could do so like this: Give the person with the respawning role an unobtainable item in-game, like a bronze seed or something like that. Then, use a lifecycle-----on player knocked out. Then take a checker and make it check for a bronze seed. Connect lifecycle to checker. Then do: If check fails:switch player’s team. Set the team switcher to switch people to spectator.


I just didn’t know how to do this, but i thought that knockout manager would help. Thanks for the help tho!


Thanks for the advice, this rly helped my game

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