How do I make no fire zones Work

This maybe a simple fix that I’m too stupid to understand but i can’t get my zones to work. But when i get teleported into the room with the no fire zone, teleport from that to up to 10 rooms with no gadget fire in them. Then teleport back from those rooms, to the main(first room you got teleported too) room and teleport to the map(For fighting). You can’t fire, at all and I’m not in the zone. I can drop the weapon and a guy who did not go in the rooms can use it to fire but i can’t. A little help?

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Make another zone in the fighting area that allows weapons.

Yeah I’ve had something like this happen. apparently the no fire zone is like it disables firing and you need a way to turn it back on like how LazyDragon said


That’s it, let me test. I knew it would be super simple that I’m just to dumb to know.

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im not that good with zones, but theres some option selection that says when you set a zone down if you can fire gadgets or not

yeah and in a certain area i want them not to and in another i want them to and its conflicting.

what if you make it to where if you enter the zone, it takes the weapon away, but when you leave it, it gives it back.

Weird, but it works. Thank you!


so you make multiple zones, exspinsive, but it works

thats not really going to work with what im doing.

also lore question, i was assigend a game todo from my teacher (these are rare they rather hand out quizlets) and it was the money game where you answer question and get money, and buy upgrades for more money. and i saw this in the room (it was already weird bc i was on my m0ms phone, and instead of a just answering questions game, it was a map, and i can’t find this map anywhere, yet still play the same game) and im sure its not a self made one, it definetly has gimkit dev style made.

out of all that, where is this map, what is file 149c, and what does it do/mean

Check on this, but i personly don’t know. I don’t do cash Tycoon.

sorry its blocked its why i asked here, bc every website that has gimkit lore explained is blocked

ryan reynolds what
file 149c might just be a random number, and it might not even have lore

okay (ingore the tabs on top, my m0ms shopping websites or something)

Nobody has any idea what that is supposed to be. Most of the Lore Hunters were stumped by that a long while back. Since it doesn’t refer to anything else in Gimkit, we assume it’s a small detail.

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Thought so.

I’m astonished by how much lore Gimkit has. Did you know there’s a secret quest?

For which game? SS or OWO?

it spreads across several games.