How do I make my teams random?

I’m making a PvP game with 8 teams. Whenever I try it out, the teams are sequential instead of random (ex: The host gets team 1, the next person gets team 2, etc.) I’ve seen and tried a method involving a lifecycle and a team switcher, but that only affected the host, and the host ended up on team 2, which already had someone on it. How do I make the teams entirely random for everyone? (unrelated, but if gimkit devs see this it would be nice if there was some yellow terrain in creative)

I have a method, but it is VERY complicated… you sure you want to try it?

yeah sure \\\\\

ok, gimme 10 minutes

just making sure, you want the teams to be evenly split? like the teams have about the same amount of players?

First, pick a random person without an item. [1] If the item is found, trigger the relay again. If it isn’t found, trigger a trigger that will run some block code. Have it broadcast on a channel whose name is a random integer from 1 to 8, then broadcast on a channel that the relay will rerun on. Have eight team switchers, each one receiving on one of the channels. Finally, have an item granter grant one of the item on the final channel the trigger broadcasts on.

  1. Input → relay (random person) → checker (Check for item, item equals 0) ↩︎

yes please \\\\\

Oh. Well, don’t look at my solution then. That uses actual RNG to split up the players.

I was already halfway through lol

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The teams are random by default, just go into the map settings to change the amount of teams. Hope this helps! Also, welcome to the community!

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would doing this help?
Screenshot 2024-04-21 9.20.51 PM
you can probably change the last one if needed

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just look at HP7divergent46THG12’s reply, that one works
I tried it

I tried that but that could put everyone on the same team

then couldnt you change the last part?

That also doesn’t work

it didn’t work :pensive: \\