How do I make my sentry respawn only after the player gets knocked out?

I want to make a game where you go through dungeons and fight sentries. But when the player gets knocked out, I want to essentially restart the game, but at the last checkpoint. To do that, I need a way to respawn sentries but only after the player gets knocked out. Please help!


Welcome to the community! First, I just wanna point out that it’s important to read the rules! If you click more, then FAQ, you can read the rules to get the gist here!

Now for the actual help! You can use a life cycle or knockout manager, but I personally like the life cycle better. If your using the life cycle, make it so when a player is knocked out, make sure not knocks out, it can send a channel to reactivate all the sentries again!

If your using a knockout manager, it’s pretty similar! Make it listen to player, then make it send a channel to reactivate all the sentries again!

Hopefully this helps, and if you need any more help or have any questions, feel free to ask me! Once again, welcome to the community!


Thanks, but how do i make it reactivate ALL sentries? Because I don’t want to go around spamming every single mechanic in every single sentry. Thanks!

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you can either use channels or wires. like @Txme_Lxss, use a lifetime device to detect the play getting knocked. Then either wire up each all of the sentries, or just make it transmit on a channel and make all sentries respawn on that channel.

Also, welcome to the forums! it’s fun to new users on the forums who love the same goofy little education web game as us. If any of these worked for you, please remember to mark a solution! I hope u have a good time here

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Can someone please help me with respawning the sentries? I got the life cycle done, but I cant get the sentries to only respawn after the channel gets broadcasted?
I don’t understand very good…