How do I make my Questioner dissappear so there's only the button on the bottom left corner?

I’ve searched in all the options boxes and found nothing of how to hide my questioner without putting anything over it.

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Use an overlay set to button that is connected to an questioner

No, I don’t mean to make an “Answer Questions” button, I already got help with that, I mean I need to hide my questioner, kinda like in Don’t Look Down, You don’t see a questioner device do you? That’s what I’m trying to get.

Just move the questioner out of the player’s sight

I can’t do that with how big my map is, the questioner would be like a mile long.

Well then place a big prop that is an a higher layer than the questioner on to of it.

But then they would see the questioner wouldn’t they? Also, I don’t know how to make props go on a different level.

I take that back, I do know how to put props on different levels now but still…

that is okay, just set up some invis teleporters that turn off when the game starts. you could have sort of a dev teleporter this way that goes over to the questioner. Also, you can change your speed in editing options, so it would not be that bad to walk all the way over there. Sadly though, there is no toggleable option to make it invisible.

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There should be an option saying whether the questioner is visible in the game or not…

That’s what I thought too, but like I said, I already searched.

Invis Teleporters? :heart:

yep :smiley:

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That heart was to make a little popup go away

When you don’t want to use extra characters, just do this:
Screenshot 2024-03-07 3.44.16 PM
Basically, just have this: <>
With random spam in it.

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Make it smaller, camouflage it. You can change the size.

Camouflage it? What does that mean?

what’s an invis teleporter?

Hide it behind a prop.

Like I said, I don’t want props where the questioner is. Here’s a screenshot:

It’s right next to the spawn pad. (circled in green)