How Do I make my own leaderboard

I’m making a Dodgeball game but I want my own leaderboard and this is what I got so far:

I Don’t know why it’s saying Team 2 and Team 1 has one out when Team 2 didn’t do anything and on the other tab it says Team 2 and Team 1 has zero outs.
Screenshot 2024-03-30 2.05.41 PM

I hope you guys can help me.

You could just use knockouts for both teams.

In the map settings?

Yes. Here is a screenshot

Ok so new problem why is my Side counter not going up (the thing in the top right)

What is it supposed to track?

player kills when you shoot them

use the property device

I solved my own problem. I had to do this with channels Player Knocked Out transmit on ----> Channel 'Out' -----> When reserving on out - set text to convert numbers to text players score and then it worked.

I was overcomping it

ok, great you figured it out!

thank you for trying to help and making friends

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