How do I make items usable Ex:Energy being able to boost you

I am making a gimkit rpg so this could be really helpful

Welcome to the community, @T3CHN0! By the way, this should be in Help and not Devices. Try this guide:
How to make an eatable energy bar! (Difficulty: 3/10 or green_square)Community Made GuidesOct '23 - I got some inspiration from @arc5030 and this guide so thanks for that! Today, I’m making an energy bar you can eat and get speed! Resources image Open the options for the inventory item manager and chan…

Use an item manager to see if you have energy.
Connect that manager to a property.
Use a checker to check if the player has energy.
Check passes → Speed modifier.
Check fails → Other speed modifier.
And use a movement meter to take away energy.

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Naw its fine, your solution’s better.

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