How do I make it where the more items the player has, the faster the player will move?

So I am working on a Baldi’s Basics Creation and I want to add this feature where the more notebooks the player collects, the faster Baldi will Move. Baldi will also be a player in the game. Please help.

This probably isn’t the best way, but I would a line of checkers that trigger off of a triggerloop. Each checker should check for 1 more of the item than the previous check. If the check passes, broadcast on a channel that a speed modifier receives on.

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Is there an item you are using as notebooks? or are you using properties

You would also have to use multiple speed modifiers depending on how many notebooks there are.

almost any way requires multiple speed modifiers…


What if for the trigger loop instead of using triggers you used block code. Every time you obtain a notebook update a counter. The counter is connected to a property. For the trigger loop block code you would be checking for the value of the property and depending on the value you broadcast a channel to a speed modifier.

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yeah inventory item manager, but we don’t know if he is using an item or a property as the notebooks

yeah. well, for when he gets back: if you are using items as notebooks use clicclac’s method or use block code with inventory item managers or someone elses. if you are using a property you could use my method or someone elses

I starting to wonder if he needs help making the notebook item in his game
because he might also want to know how to get custum items (not possible)
but he can use overlays and propretys as the item

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