How do I make it where people lose items when they die

How can I make it where people lose items when they die? I tried doing it with a knockout manager set to player, and a negative item grantor, but it didn’t work, and won’t, I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong?

@cyco398 You can go in to “map settings” then click “inventory” then set “keep items” to off.


I only want them to lose certain items

And a certain amount

You can use a lifecycle with the trigger of knocked out and a item granter with a negative amount

I’ll try it


how do I make it, to where people touch the water they die? I have been trying to do it with devices but none of them seem to work. If you have any advice let me know thanks

try making your own help topic

Use a laser…

Use a strong laser like @The_7th_Dragon said, or a zone connected to a reset device.

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